Leading With a Light and Gentle Touch

There is a paradox at the heart of facilitation as there is at the heart of all people management; and that is, that to get people to do great things, we, the group leaders, need to allow things to happen, not by doing a lot but by doing as little as possible. When we get […]

Ten Ways to Make Achievable Goals

Have you written some goals for this year? How are you doing with them? What are the accomplishments you most want? To insure that you get exactly what you want here is a list of tips for writing good goals. 1. Connect your goals to your vision. Check each goal to be sure that if […]

What Are the Alcoholism Stages?

Almost everyone knows about the twelve steps to recovery from alcoholism. But what are the stages someone goes through on the way to alcoholism? Alcohol addiction stages are generally defined as early, middle, and late. These three stages, however, are very broadly defined and are going to look a little different in each alcoholic. One […]