Goal Setting Steps

What is goal setting? It is the process of placing a target and preparing it to be hit. The target is the goal that you desire. Most people say that goals are attainable if you work hard for it. That is partly true. There are a lot more reason that would determine the attainability of […]

Leadership is Not For Everyone

So, you want to be a leader do you and you believe that if you get a few leadership skills under your belt that you are good to go. Unfortunately the reality is that some people have no business being leaders at all. In fact, some people make really bad leaders due to their personality […]

Alcohol Treatment Success – Addiction Removed Permanently

There are centers for alcohol addiction treatment. The programs adopted by such centers ensure that the addiction of alcohol can be overcome permanently and effectively. Alcohol treatment success is related to the identification of the problem at an early stage and detection of the reasons for the person taking to alcohol. The rehab facilities help […]

The 3 Biggest Myths of Leadership

Leaders need to understand the myths of commonly accepted wisdom and temper them with the realities. Here are three of the most common leadership myths: Myth #1: Practice makes perfect. Reality: Perfect practice makes perfect. You’ve most likely heard the old story, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Practice! Practice!” Leadership is a […]

Constructive Criticism – How to Give and Receive It

Constructive criticism is something that is both hard to give and receive. Yet it can greatly benefit your life if you master your emotions, truly care about people, communicate with compassion, and listen objectively. Have you ever received criticism from a person who just wanted to tell you “the facts of life” and did not […]

Leaders Must Begin Day In Good Mood

To a very large degree, each of our moods and attitudes are major determining factors in what and how much we will accomplish at any time, on any particular day, and on any special project. For over thirty years, I have dedicated a large percentage of my leadership training programs to the significance of attitude […]

2 Causes For Addictions

Addictions come in many different areas and can control every aspect of your life. What has happened is your addiction is in control not you. There are some common causes that create addictions and understanding them can help with a cure. The following should shed some light on this subject. Stress is one of the […]

How To Take Control Of Your Life – Dare To Dream

Do you sometimes feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken, attending to everyone’s demands except your own? Most people live their entire life being dictated by the people surrounding them – family, colleagues, friends, neighbours etc. Many of us live our lives without specific aims. We just make enough to pay for our […]

How to Turn Goals Into Results

To turn goals into results it is imperative to have an action plan or steps. If you don’t have a plan to succeed that will make it difficult to reach goal success. Too many people know that he or she has a goal that they want to reach, but does not have a plan to […]

Leaders Must Control Ego

Perhaps the single biggest destructive factor to effective leadership is often the uncontrolled ego of many leaders. While a degree of ego can sometimes be healthy, when it assists someone in maintaining the needed self confidence, etc., to be an effective leader, too many individuals in leadership positions let their ego get the better of […]