Positive Reinforcement is the Essential Leadership Tool

One of the most important functions of a leader is to apply positive reinforcement to those behaviors that contribute to the objectives of the business. In conjunction with this, the leader must reduce the positive reinforcement for behaviors that don’t contribute or hinder the progress of the group and the individual to those same objectives. […]

Leaders Know When to Say “No”

You have achieved a certain level of success by your ability to say “yes” – Yes, I will work on Saturday Yes, I will take on more than my share of work Yes, I will serve on an additional committee in order to help out the team This strategy has worked really well for you. […]

Humility: Regulating Mind Inflation

Humility allows you to be completely honest with yourself. Humility is accepting the flaws and challenges that are vital to your success. When you push your ego to the side, you learn that the big picture is not about you. Humility prevents the mind from inflating with selfish and arrogant perceptions of ourselves. Humility in […]

Do You Know What Your Stakeholders WANT?

The essential and prevailing mindset of great leaders must consistently focus on serving one’s organization and his constituents, etc. True leadership is never about merely doing what has always been done, nor what the leader wants to do, or have done. Rather, it must focus on effective, quality service! However, one of the main challenges […]

Out of a Job – Now What?

During times of stress, nothing changes your outlook more quickly than taking action. Unfortunately, it’s all too human to see yourself as the victim of events you can’t control and lapse into helplessness. “I’m too depressed. . .tired. . .confused. . .upset,” you say-and you do nothing. Typically, we believe we must feel strong in […]

5 Easy and Proven Goal Setting Steps

Do you want to achieve anything you want in your life? With the help of these 5 easy and proven goal setting steps, you are able to shortcut your journey to success and accomplish what you want in your life. Many people fail to achieve what they want because they do not know these proven […]

Goal Setting Steps

What is goal setting? It is the process of placing a target and preparing it to be hit. The target is the goal that you desire. Most people say that goals are attainable if you work hard for it. That is partly true. There are a lot more reason that would determine the attainability of […]

Leadership is Not For Everyone

So, you want to be a leader do you and you believe that if you get a few leadership skills under your belt that you are good to go. Unfortunately the reality is that some people have no business being leaders at all. In fact, some people make really bad leaders due to their personality […]